X -TRIBE会員になると常に送料無料でご購入いただけます。

Skinny training pants made with highly elastic fabric.
A piece that gives a sporty and stylish impression with modern panels and intersecting piping lines.
It can be worn in all seasons because it uses fabric with just the right amount of weight. The design is attractive not only for training but also for everyday styling.

Polyester 92% Polyurethane 8%

JIN: 179cm 94kg XL
Farouq: 185cm 93kg XXL

Model wearing size example
XXL(cm) Weight: 93kg Height: 185cm
XL(cm) Weight: 95kg Height: 179cm
L(cm) Weight: 75kg Height: 173cm
M(cm) Weight: 67kg Height: 166cm
S(cm) Weight: 60kg Height: 162cm

*The size chart is in the image list.
*Sizes cannot be changed due to limited stock. Please be careful about the size.
*Please note that the color of the image and the actual product may differ slightly due to lighting conditions.
*Please note that there may be slight errors (several centimeters) due to the fact that even the same item is made by hand.
*Sales will be discontinued as soon as the stock runs out.

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