Behind the scenes of the birth of XENO

Hello! The XENO online shop has been renewed!

Please enjoy shopping by looking at every corner of the store, which has been carefully designed!

And with the site renewal, we added a new BLOG as content.

Here, we will update various things about XENO from the staff's point of view!

And the first to commemorate is about the back side of the brand birth!

Before you know it, three years have passed since the birth of the brand.

XENO, which was born on May 18, 2019, has been steadily preparing for over a year.

First meeting with Jin at a cafe in Azabu in 2018.

brand concept, visuals, product lineup,

Nothing was decided, it was just a start from 0 base.

The current familiar logo that was decided from among many proposals.

In fact, it is the fruit of the completed effort after several months of worrying and worrying.

And since the brand information release date was set on the day of Jin's tournament,

Jin had no choice but to win.

After all, if you don't win and announce your brand, you won't be cool.

I think it was a lot of pressure...

I believed that I would win and become a pro, but in my heart I was also nervous.

Of course, on the day of the tournament , I will also support you!

Plate No. 110 Jin was wearing

"One ten!"

When called, the roar of cheers, joy, and blessings, this is the man who has led the world of physique in Japan...

I was ecstatic too.

Actually, there was another moment when I felt destined for this brand.

If you reverse "XENO", it's "ONE X", because X → 10 in Roman numeral notation

"ONE X" → "110".

The brand name miraculously linked to No.110, which Jin wore when he became a professional, and I got goosebumps.

The story is too perfect to be a coincidence, and it's a little scary.

So, although this is a long sentence,

I would like to introduce a little bit of the secret story behind the birth of the XENO brand.

Thank you for reading to the end!

Customers who have been shopping with us since the brand was established,

Customers who recently learned about XENO,

To provide better products and services,

Starting with Jin, all the staff will work together as one, so

Thank you for your continued support!

It was a memorable first blog !

Author : Tsuyoshi / Creative Manager