winter is coming


It's been a long time since I updated my blog!

The temperature has really dropped in Tokyo, and it's the season where you can't go out without outerwear.

The MA-1 type outerwear, which is popular every year, will be in stock again this year!

This type of outerwear can be worn multiple times, so I don't think it's a loss to have one! You can layer it with a hoodie and wear it in street style, or you can wear it as a beautiful style remover! You can also match it with the classic American casual style!

In other words, it is a versatile outerwear that can be anything!

This year's model has a flight tag attached to the sleeve, and the atmosphere is perfect!

Popular colors and sizes sell out every time, so if you're looking for one, hurry up!

The photo shows MENDY , who brings out 120% of the goodness of apparel every time!
Thank you for shooting in the cold~

Author : Tsuyoshi / Creative Manager